Dale Dennemeyer

Photography and Video

Check out my 360 videos Carlsbad,Ca. (click on movie and turn 360 while video plays) HERE
Full Screen Video Montage HERE
How about a 360 of Balboa Park, San Diego HERE
Check out my photos of Salk Institute, La Jolla HERE ... You must have java installed and click OK to run on your computer (completely safe)

World Adventures

Photos of trip here! I won a trip to the Philippines More... while attending a Adventures in Travel Expo More... in Los Angeles and then extended the trip to include India using City Tours and Travel ( Edna Cabalquinto and the group at CTT they are the best, contact them Here...for flights to any part of Asia). For India Videos of trip here! I contacted Savion Travel Services Pvt. Ltd. More... and then chose a Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour and they customized it to more of what I wanted to see. I had the best trip ever using Savion and highly recommend them as the premiere guide to India.My Trip to India was mostly by car and by train. Do not try driving yourself in India because there is a certain skill involved navigating the roads.

360 View of WWII Philippines War Memorial

India by car